Linda Kim

Acupuncture, herbal medicine, qigong

(510) 290-1014

3947 Opal Street

Oakland, CA 94607


Your treatment begins with a simple phone call or email, when you contact me to schedule your initial appointment. Your first visit lasts 90-120 minutes, and begins with filling out a detailed health history. Once you are comfortably lying down in the treatment room, I will listen to your story, ask questions, and listen some more. Then I will look at your tongue, feel your pulse, and palpate your abdomen and other acupuncture points. Hair-thin sterile acupuncture needles will be inserted into various acupuncture points, and you will rest for 15-45 minutes. Sometimes there will be two sets of points used, first on the front side of the body, then on the back. Your treatment may include other techniques, such as moxibustion, cupping, guasha, tuina, medical qigong, and infrared heat therapy. If herbal medicine would benefit you, I will make a custom formula for you in my herbal pharmacy while you rest.

I may also prescribe qigong exercises, provide nutritional counseling, or recommend supplements. Subsequent treatments will follow a similar process, and will last 60-90 minutes. Your treatments will be tailored to your particular needs at the time of each visit. 

The effects of acupuncture and herbal medicine are cumulative. You may notice remarkable or subtle improvements after the first session. Continued treatment will reinforce, sustain, and further the improvements. Some conditions respond more quickly, and others require a longer treatment course. Ongoing support may be needed to manage long-term or chronic conditions. 


Acupuncture and herbal medicine are great preventative medicine. We can promote healthy digestion, immunity, circulation, respiration, sleep, and stress response. Many patients enjoy continued maintenance treatments once per month, even after initial issues are resolved. Some people seek treatment simply as a great way to deeply relax, revitalize, and balance energy.


If you have health insurance of any kind, I would be happy to verify acupuncture coverage.